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She was born and raised in England. As a small girl, she heard voices and had visions of people who had died. Threatened by her mother, the young Rosemary kept silent about the strange menacing faces she saw in the dark.

In her early thirties, with her ten-year-old daughter, Samantha Jane, Rosemary was abandoned by her husband. Near rock bottom, she began to nurture her spiritual gifts.

Rosemary says it was her spirit guide, Grey Eagle, who advised her to publish her first book, The Eagle and the Rose, in the United States and then afterwards in other countries. The Eagle and the Rose became a runaway bestseller. "Americans are very open and enthusiastic," Rosemary says. The essence of her message is that there is life after death, and that we are all spiritual beings who come to earth to learn.

Rosemary has appeared on numerous American television shows, including Oprah, 20/20, Larry King Live and Prime Time Live—she has also been featured on many television shows worldwide.

Her many books have been bestsellers worldwide and include, The Eagle and The Rose, Proud Spirit, You Own the Power, Soul Signs, and A Matter Of Life And Death.

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Additionally, Rosemary has a series of healing and meditation CDs that are exclusive to her website and can bought in her store.

Last, but not least, Rosemary is working on developing a YouTube and social media network—stay tuned for more.

Rosemary has dedicated her life to helping those suffering from the loss of loved ones in her capacity as a spiritual medium and has also given spiritual healing to hundreds of thousands of people and animals worldwide.

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