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About the Foundation

In our organization, we have three categories of membership:

  • Fully Qualified Healer
  • Student Healer
  • Associate Member

Training Process

A Fully Qualified Healer (FQH) has received three years of training within the organization, regardless of training that they may have received elsewhere. Training is very stringent. Each student (student healer) is required to attend a two-hour weekly healing session and two hours of class time for more in-depth study. Lessons explore not only the healing arts but also the healing process within us. These lessons have been tried and tested for more than twenty years.

To become a Student Healer, a person would have visited one of the healing centers each week for several months, decided that he/she is comfortable in the group, likes the method of healing that is used, and believes that RAHEF is qualified to give necessary training. He/she would then place an application, go through an interview process, and agree to accept the requirements of the organization. These requirements are:

  1. Student healers are expected to attend classes on a weekly basis
  2. Complete homework assignments.
  3. Participate in classroom discussion.
  4. Practice weekly as a patient and a healer at one of the healing centers.
  5. Participate in RAHEF programs whenever possible.
  6. Act as an aid to a visiting healer, going into hospitals and homes when necessary.
  7. Abide by the code of conduct.

Training consists of exercises in class, written homework, and active practice of lessons, with the purpose of spiritual growth, enhancing senses and sensitivity, developing communication skills, acquiring discipline and commitment, learning patient care and healing techniques, thinking and acting as a team, promoting the art and education of the healing process.

To become certified as a qualified healer, the student healer must consistently demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate with patients and exhibit sensitivity, compassion, patience and humility at all times. A certified FQH has developed the ability to be a pure open channel for healing energy, and must behave with dignity, courtesy, discretion, tact, and gentleness.

An Associate Member, although not actively involved with the healing process is never-the-less most valued. Not only are those members saying “we believe in the power of healing”, they are also saying “we believe in the organization”, and we are very grateful for this kind of support.

A Fully Qualified Healer Member must be dedicated. A Student Healer Member must want to learn. An Associate Member must want to help.

We are fortunate... We have all these things and more. We are indeed… a team.

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