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The Eagle and The Rose
Proud Spirit
You Own the Power
Meditation / Healing
Soul Signs
A Matter of Life and Death
Angels in Training


Angels in Training

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osemary Altea is a spiritual medium and healer, renowned throughout the world for her work in the spiritual realm. Her first book, The Eagle and the Rose became a New York Times best seller and sold in more than forty countries. 'Angels In Training' is a unique book which teaches us, through 52 'Angel Actions' how we can help our Angels to help us, and to help us help others, showing us what our Angels really are, what their intentions are on this earth, and how we can become closer to them. The stories of Angels and the lessons in this book...the 'Angel Actions' we can take...are beyond inspirational. Teaching us, through our 'Angel Actions' that we can make a difference and that our Angels need us to become their 'Angels In Training', this is a book to treasure. Rosemary and her daughter Samantha worked together as 'Angels In Training' to bring you this wonderful gift!


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