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The Eagle and The Rose
Proud Spirit
You Own the Power
Meditation / Healing
Soul Signs
A Matter of Life and Death


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A Matter of Life and Death
Rosemary Altea has touched the lives of millions with her gift of connecting the living with the dead. In this illuminating new book, she shares awe-inspiring stories of working with her Apache spirit guide, Grey Eagle, to help sick and grief-stricken people heal, recognize their true path in life, and find peace in reunion with departed loved ones.


All of Rosemary's books are inspiration from her spirit guide, Grey Eagle.
She says that when writing, Grey Eagle often tells her information that she's never heard before. In fact Rosemary learns about new things as she's writing and finds this incredibly fascinating. Every time she writes a new book she says she grows a little more. Becomes wiser.

The stories that Rosemary recounts in the books are all true.
As you can see when you read the books, all of the stories touch Rosemary deeply.

For the first few years Rosemary began her work as a medium and healer and this, in the beginning seemed enough--to take private consultations from home and to do workshops and lectures through Europe. However, it wasn't too long before she found this very limiting, wanting to reach as many people as she could with her message. So it was only a matter of time before Grey Eagle advised her to write her first book, The Eagle and The Rose.

Grey Eagle knew that this was the way to get the word out--touch more people. He was right. "The Eagle and the Rose" became a New York Times bestseller. It seemed that people were yearning for Rosemary and Grey Eagle's message. The success of her subsequent books proved that they were also hungry to learn more.

Rosemary says that believing or disbelieving of her and her really doesn't matter. The books are a fascinating read and leave you to make up your own mind.


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