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You Own the Power

In "A Matter of Life and Death," the woman known worldwide as ³The Voice of the Spirit World² takes readers further along the path of spiritual awakening pioneered in her international bestsellers The Eagle and the Rose, Proud Spirit, and You Own the Power. A spiritual medium, healer, and teacher, Rosemary Altea has touched the lives of millions with her gift of connecting the living with the dead. In this illuminating new book, she shares awe-inspiring stories of working with her Apache spirit guide, Grey Eagle, to help sick and grief-stricken people heal, recognize their true path in life, and find peace in reunion with departed loved ones.

A Matter of Life and Death recounts Altea¹s latest miraculous encounters with the spirit world, including a soldier who died in Iraq, a firefighter who lost his life on September 11, and a woman who dies at the hands of her husband and who asks Altea not to reveal the whole truth, to avoid family strife. For the first time, Altea shares with readers the fascinating process by which she witnesses events gone by, ³going down and through the hole² from the present dimension into the past, traversing time and space. She talks about the existence of Dark Soul and evil in our midst. And for readers eager for more of Grey Eagle¹s wisdom, this book contains his timely and poetic answers to questions of war and peace, life and death.

From defending her integrity as a medium in a vicious lawsuit played out in U.S. courts to struggling with the loss of a friend who was very close to her heart, this book details a new chapter in Altea¹s rich personal history. A Matter of Life and Death is a book of hope and healing from the woman who first convinced us that there is life after death. Rosemary Altea, the New York Times-bestselling author of "The Eagle and the Rose" and "Proud Spirit," also wrote Give the Gift of Healing, You Own the Power, and Soul Signs. A resident of Florida and Vermont, she founded and runs the Rosemary Altea Association of Healers, based in England, and the Rosemary Altea Healing and Educational Foundation, a not-for-profit association based in Vermont, with patients worldwide. She has appeared on such shows as Larry King Live, Prime Time Live with Diane Sawyer and Oprah as well as been featured in Vanity Fair, People, Self and The New York Times.

On sale 4/19/07
Publication Date 5/19/07
ISBN: 1-58542-553-2
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Extraordinary Praise for: A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH

"A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH is truly an inspiration. It is a book of hope and wisdom as well as a very enjoyable reading experience."
Caroline Myss
Author of "Entering the Castle" and "Anatomy of the Spirit"

³I was just blown away by Rosemary.²
Liz Smith, syndicated columnist

³I was truly amazed. She described my deceased parents perfectly!² ­
Larry King

³I walked through the front door of where Ms. Altea has been staying a skeptic, my purse empty of handkerchiefs and tissues. I walked out two and a half hours later, leaving dozens of sopping wet tissues behind. Maybe I had become a believer.²
Elaine Louie,
The New York Times

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