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Rosemary has recorded several CDs that she hopes will be wonderful tools for you. The first four CDs are meditation and healing works, that should help you to give and receive spiritual healing as well as to relax and become more sensitive, in tune with yourself and others…to learn, love and grow. These CDs are exclusive to our website and we're very thrilled to be able to bring them to you.

Rosemary has also recorded an amazing 5th CD, A Conversation with Bob, which is a wonderfully inspirational, unscripted and recorded with no changes to the conversation, with one of her dying patients. Bob Burdick is remarkable and inspiring and has exceptional words of wisdom and hope for us all. See below for more details about, A Conversation with Bob and this incredible CD.

Rosemary will be recording other CDs when time permits.

The Set of Four CDs can be bought as a set for $50.00.

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A Garden of Souls
A Journey Towards Healing
Not Perfect But Yet Still Beautiful
The Heartbeat of the Soul

A Garden Of Souls - A spiritual journey
By renowned medium

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This CD is the perfect complement to Rosemary's book SOUL SIGNS.

Inspired by her book Soul Signs, we get to go with Rosemary on a journey into the spirit world, where she meets the children who teach her about the garden of souls. She is taken by the hand, and is shown the garden, fields and fields of beautiful golden daffodils, swaying this way and that, a sea of souls, bright and golden, our earth soul cluster….just as it is seen by the universe.

You will glimpse the love of these children, the love they have for us all, and as they speak, you will learn that each of us is an individual flower, a certain type, a particular variety of bloom, like one of the twelve varieties of daffodil, a flower so rare and special, as the children show us when they begin to sing their song. A song that we all can learn, a song that tells us of our beauty, a song that tells us of our strength and unity, a song that tells us that we are souls in God's garden, and that we are treasured and loved, no matter who we are, or who we have become in our lives.

Like a delicate and wondrous flower bulb, our soul will bloom in the golden rays of Gods light and His love, and is protected always.

In SOUL SIGNS, you can learn more about the garden of souls, and more about Rosemary's incredible gift.

In Soul Signs, Rosemary describes each of our souls as daffodils.

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A Journey Towards Healing
A guided meditation...By Rosemary Altea.

$15.00 Buy It

In this powerful meditation, in her own soothing voice, Rosemary provides an answer to the many people sick and in pain who have asked, "What can I do for myself?? This meditation is a self-healing exercise that transports listeners to a place of harmony and inner peace where true spiritual healing can take place.

Over the last several years this CD has been used in homes and hospitals throughout the world, and this meditation, this journey, enables us to discover a mental, emotional, and spiritual harmony, which in turn brings about inner peace. It is this peace within, this true power, in which we find the strength to deal with whatever trials we may have to face.

Healing is first and foremost a healing of the spirit self. When we are sick or in pain, or when we are stressed, depressed, etc, our spirit, the light, or Aura which surrounds the soul, becomes dim, and the soul's energy diminishes.

Healing comes from God, that great power source which is pure light. When we tap into that source we give light and energy to the soul's Aura, and the spirit grows brighter, and a healing of the soul begins to take place. This is what true healing is about, this is what we hope to gain when listening to this meditation, "A Journey Towards Healing?.

Audio Clip:
Excerpt from "A Journey Towards Healing"

Read by Rosemary Altea

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Not Perfect But Yet Still Beautiful
A guided meditation...By Rosemary Altea.

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None of us are perfect, we all know that, but in a world that strives for perfection, and with the age of plastic surgery, beauty products that make you look better, younger, and so on, it is important to remember that true beauty comes from our imperfections, not despite them. The stress that comes in our every day lives, that comes from trying to live up to the expectations we have of ourselves and from others can be enormous, and we know that stress can be the biggest enemy to our health, and to our well being.

This meditation helps us not only to relax in a way that will relieve the stresses and strains in our lives, it also teaches us how important it is for us to love ourselves, body and soul. It reminds us that although we are not perfect….but yet we are still beautiful, not only in Gods eyes, but also in our own.

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The Heartbeat of the Soul
A guided meditation...By Rosemary Altea.

$15.00 Buy It

A guided meditation by spiritual medium and healer, Rosemary Altea. We know that we are spiritual beings, that we are souls having an earth experience, souls who have come to this earth to learn, to grow, and to become more of who we really are. But we also know that this is no easy task, that life can often get in the way, that our earth experiences can often blind us to the needs of our soul. We forget to listen, we find it difficult to be still, to be quiet enough to hear the heartbeat of our soul, and to be truly connected to our spiritual self.

With the help of this guided meditation, Rosemary takes us on a journey back to our true heart, to our true center, where we can once again be united with our soul, with the needs of our soul, to a place of peace, to a place of harmony, to a place of light. to a place where you will hear your soul as it calls out to you……and acknowledges your true presence. With the help of this guided meditation, it will be possible for you to hear the heartbeat of your soul.

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A Conversation With Bob
Bob Burdick talking candidly with Rosemary Altea

$15.00 Buy It

Bob Burdick talks candidly with Rosemary about the dying process.

This is one of the most powerful and illuminating experiences, which is both enlightening and moving, as we listen to a conversation with Bob Burdick, a patient of Rosemary's, who has an incurable brain tumor. We know that death is inevitable for all of us, but for some, like Bob, the process has already begun, and in fact, is accelerating very fast.

He agreed to speak to Rosemary because his own experience with her and her team of healers has given him more than he could ever have imagined. Also, Bob had realized how many people are afraid of dying, and he wanted to do something to try and alleviate that fear, to help if he could, to show us how to deal with, and to take charge of the dying process, and therefore to be less afraid.

As he talks with Rosemary, Bob describes some of the ways he can help his wife and family after he has gone. The basement is full of little sticky notes, he tells us, reminders to his wife of the simple stuff, the mundane chores we all have to remember to do. His way of being present for her after he is gone.

Throughout the conversation, Bob amazes us with his wit, his sense of humor, and his capacity of caring, compassion, and even while in his own struggle, his need to be of help to others. He is truly an incredible inspiration to us all.

Rosemary's Thoughts and Words About Bob.

Over the last twenty-four years, working as a spiritual healer, I have been privileged to meet thousands of people struggling with a variety of illnesses. All have inspired me in one way or another, all benefited from receiving healing, and all benefited me. There are no favorites, each of my patients is just as important as another, but it would be true to say that there are a few who touch my heart in a very special way. Bob is one of those. A patient and a friend, and although I have not known him long, only eight months, he has touched me and given me the most incredible gift of his love and his trust.

As I write this, I am thinking of the next few days, and hopefully the next few weeks, as my team and I continue to go and visit Bob and give him healing. His passing will be painless, I know, and the last stages of his journey will be wonderful for him. He has already glimpsed his grandfather, and he knows his loved ones are waiting for him. He also knows that he will not be on this journey alone, that there will be many helping him, myself included, God willing. This CD is a tribute to a man who has inspired many in his lifetime, who will continue, even after he has left us, to inspire thousands throughout the world, with his bravery, his courage and with his humanity. I thank God for sending me this angel on earth. BOB…I LOVE YOU.

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