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Proud Spirit

Rosemary's second book,
PROUD SPIRIT, like THE EAGLE AND THE ROSE, also became an international bestseller. In this second book she poses the question to her readers: Are you a proud spirit?

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Angel in the Cellar

Now known as "The Voice of the Spirit World," Rosemary won international acclaim with the publication of her first book, THE EAGLE AND THE ROSE. But readers were asking for more and so, with her spirit guide, Grey Eagle, she takes readers farther along the path, exploring opportunities for spiritual growth in our everyday lives.

As in THE EAGLE AND THE ROSE, Rosemary uses revealing episodes from her own personal life, as well as stories gathered from her work as a spiritual medium and a healer, to illuminate our understanding of what happens when we die: Will our human personalities survive death intact? Are people in the spirit world affected by the actions of their loved ones on earth? Can suicide cause someone to turn away from the light? Will we be reunited with our cherished pets on the other side? These questions, among others, are answered.

But in PROUD SPIRIT, Rosemary goes beyond the landscape of death, presenting, exquisitely simple teaching stories that shine a light on human conduct. We meet the heroic bystander who "intrudes" to defend a small boy against his father's verbal abuse, The daughter who "rapes" her father by callously rejecting his apology, and the woman who learns that self-denigration is too great a price to pay for a relationship.

The same awe, mystery, and magic that distinguished THE EAGLE AND THE ROSE are here. In a section of PROUD SPIRIT called a Journey Toward Healing, Rosemary recounts the time Christ laid his hands atop her own as she gives healing. We travel with Rosemary to a midnight picnic in a haunted house, and witness, the spine-tingling visit of a group of children who come from the spirit world to deliver a message. Our hearts and minds are inspired as we learn the story of an abused young boy who is kept safe by his guardian angel.

Grey Eagle, Rosemary's Apache spirit guide, is ever present as she explores how our loved ones in the spirit world stay involved in our lives after they pass over. With gentleness and love, he teaches Rosemary to question and seek what resonates with the heartbeat of her soul. His wisdom provokes us to think about the need to reduce fear and intolerance in our world, to take responsibility for our actions, and to intensify our search for the heartbeat of our souls.

In a provocative section called The Laws of the Universe, Rosemary and Grey Eagle address some of the most divisive issues of our time, including racial prejudice, abortion, and homosexuality. Sure to initiate discussion and debate, Rosemary asks whether the Ten Commandments are relevant today, as she surveys the many religious traditions of the world.

In a profound spiritual call to arms, Rosemary challenges each of us to know, value, and be gentle with ourselves because we are soul and of god. Rosemary's brave, deeply revealing discussion of self-worth and that which lies within- to be Proud Spirits.

Extraordinary Praise for: PROUD SPIRIT

"PROUD SPIRIT is a fabulous spiritual story, filled with wisdom and with love. It is an easy-to-read advanced lesson for the soul, and it will fill your heart with joy. You must read Rosemary Altea's courageous and inspiring book."
--Dr. Brian L. Weiss
Author of: Many Lives, Many Masters

"PROUD SPIRIT is a book to treasure, an inspiring, thought provoking glimpse into the world, the Universal Laws of Creation, and spiritual healing. In reading it I was challenged to look more closely at my own life, confronting those fears and habits that block the expression of love, and to remember that divine help is always available."
--Dr Joan Borysenko
Author of: Minding the Body, Mending the Soul

"In PROUD SPIRIT, Rosemary Altea's amazing gift brings us not only the gentle wisdom of her spirit guide Grey Eagle, but allows us to participate in joy and healing at the moment when fathers, mothers, husbands and wives reunite with their deceased loved ones. Her stories take us right into the mystery of life-and beyond.
--Carol Adrienne
Co-author of The Celestine Prophecy Experimental Guide

Rosemary Altea once again provides miraculous proof of the unseen world of spirit that surrounds us all. Her extraordinary parables, magical stories, and gentle teachings also show a path to a brighter, more enlightened life here and now, where each of us can strive to be Proud Spirit. What Rosemary offers isn't New Age wisdom-it is wisdom for the ages."
--Kenneth C. Davis.
Author of: Don't know Much About History.

"PROUD SPIRIT illuminates our impact on the spirit world, how our thoughts and actions make a difference in the continuing afterlife of our loved ones. This book is page-turning, emotionally searing, sometimes funny, always enlightening."
--David Rosen
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