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Here you can see Rosemary's schedule and see what she's doing, hear coverage about what she's done, and...what YOU thought of it all.

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You are now in Rosemary’s Tour and Events section

Please note that Rosemary maintains a very busy and varied schedule. Therefore, her lectures and events are just a small part of what she does on a daily basis, so explore the rest of the site to find out more.

Rosemary also does things like running a healing center, she gives regular lessons and weekly actions here on the site, found in the "Own Your Own Power" section as well as many other activities, some of which you can learn about here on the site. Her schedule is jam packed.

Here in tour and events, you can keep abreast of what Rosemary is doing publicly and what is coming up.
You can always check her schedule on the site, but please also sign up for Rosemary's mailing list to make sure that you are kept informed of new events and news, as and when they happen-- We’ll keep you up to date.

In this section you can also read coverage from Rosemary’s events. We try, whenever possible, to bring you, our community, on the spot coverage of Rosemary’s more major events. (Although we cannot cover all events here on the site, we try to cover as many as possible.)

Plus, in this section, you can read reviews about and reviews about Rosemary and her work. These reviews are all sent in by YOU—

Enjoy Rosemary’s Tour and Events section as well as the rest of the site.



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