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May 12, Thursday - May 12, Thursday
Sarasota Fl. Open discussion with Rosemary Altea 7 to 9 pm
Event taking place at Unity of Sarasota, 3023 Proctor Rd, Sarasota Fl. Rosemary will be talking about her life and experiences as a spiritual medium and healer for more than 30years, after which she will open up a question and answer and discussion, at which time anyone who wishes to participate, ask questions or relate their own experiences will have an opportunity to do so. During this time rosemary will recount inspirational and heartwarming stories of her many experiences with those in the spirit world as they relate to those of us on the earth plane. This will be a discussion full of fun, laughter and inspiration, teaching us how much those in the spirit world love to laugh, even through their tears, and can teach us to do the same.

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