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What Feathers Mean to Me, and What They Can Mean to You

When we are born to this earth, we do not come helpless. God doesn't just throw us into that experience called life without giving us tools we can use to help us along our way. Instinct is one tool, sensitivity another, self preservation, our six sense, and so on. One of the tools we have are our power symbols, which I talk about in my book, 'You Own the Power'. Our power symbols, and our ability to visualize are what help empower us and give us strength.

My power symbol is the feather. Sometimes I find them at my feet, sometimes they appear in impossible places, and often, when giving messages from the spirit world or from Grey Eagle, I will see feathers as a symbol that the spirit world is giving power; bringing help and comfort to the person I'm giving the message to.

In my healing work my power symbol helps me be more confident, more powerfully energized, so benefiting my patient.

When I am down, or sick, lonely or despairing, Grey Eagle will bring me a feather to remind me I'm not alone.

Working as I do, as a spiritual medium and healer, I am constantly with people who are despairing, afraid, and lonely. While I am with them it is easy for me to remember my power, and it is easy for them to remember the power of God, the power of healing and the power that the spirit world can bring to us. But when I leave, when I am gone from their presence, it is so easy for us all to forget the power that is ours, the power that we own.

It is easy for all of us to say we have faith, to truly believe in the power of God, but to live our faith, to hold onto that faith on a day-to-day level is not so easy at all. And so for this reason, I decided that as we all at times need something to remind us of our faith, something to remind us of our power, and the power of God, and something to remind us that we are not alone, perhaps if we can hold a feather in our hands, pin it on a lapel, keep it safe in our purse, where we know we can touch it or hold it at any time, then we will be reminded that God is always with us, that we have the power of the universe to guide us in our lives, and we will never feel completely alone again.


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