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Once you have registered for absent healing, Rosemary and her team of healers send their prayers daily. As you receive healing, know that you are in our thoughts.

Please Note: There are no guarantees that healing will work to aid you physically, we can only promise our healing prayers, and let God do the rest. Our association believes, however, that healing always works, even though it may not heal the physical self, our prayers to God bring the light of healing and the light of love to the spirit and to the soul and hopefully, the physical self responds likewise.

Every aspect of work done relating to the R.A.A.H. and R.A.H.E.F is free. We are a charitable organization and all healers donate their time and services in goodness and truth. We advise all our patients to seek medical advice and suggest, if you have not already done so, to consult your doctor about your state of health.
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