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Please note that every aspect of work done relating to the R.A.A.H. is free. We are a charitable organization and all healers donate their time and services in goodness and truth.

Spiritual Healing—the laying on of hands, of prayer, of belief and connection with the soul.

Healing, as we call it, and what many know as “spiritual healing” is a harmonizing of spirit, mind and body.

You may have read somewhere about faith healing, psychic healing, spiritual, divine, contact, or some other kind of healing. All basically mean the same, which is to heal, to make whole. Most healers believe that before the physical body can be made well, the spirit must be made whole. We in the R.A.A.H and R.A.H.E.F. believe that with the aid of divine energy, the power of spirit, call it God if you wish, spiritual healing can be effective in this aim.

How and why healing works has not yet been discovered, even though a great deal of scientific medical research is being carried out in many countries. What cannot be denied is that it can, and often does, work.

It is generally accepted that the person giving healing, i.e the healer, is merely acting as a channel, or medium, for this divine energy.

All of us can heal. (A mother rubs a child's grazed knee - "let mummy make it better"). In some of us, the ability to give healing is stronger than in others, but we feel it is best for all those wishing to develop their healing skills to undergo thorough training in order to become clear, positive and constructive channels. Most major religions have very strong healing traditions. Christianity, for one; Jesus himself being a healer…

Healing doesn’t necessarily mean that a person will be made physically well. Sometimes healing can just affect the well being of a person. It might not cure a cancer, (though it has been known to,) but it will certainly help to ease the mind and spirit when dealing with an illness or trauma.
How does Rosemary and her work fit in to the scheme of all this?

Not only does Rosemary work as a spiritual medium and teacher, as illustrated in many other areas of this website, but she also works as a spiritual healer.
In fact, Rosemary runs TWO registered charitable organizations dedicated solely to the idea that spiritual healing works. 

Rosemary’s first charity, the RAAH, was formed in England, in 1981 and fairly recently Rosemary has established a charity in the United States, the RAHEF based out of Vermont. More information about both of these charities is available in the rest of this “Healing” section but in particular, more information about the RAHEF, including who is involved, how it works and what plans there are for the future of this new charity are in website development and to be posted soon.

Every week both Rosemary’s UK and US centers offer “hands on healing” at specific locations completely free of charge.

If you’d love to receive healing, or know someone who needs, or wants healing too you may sign yourself, or them, up for absent healing right here complimentarily on the site.

There are big plans afoot for the organizations. Rosemary was recently willed a property, a stunning location in Vermont for the purpose of creating a permanent healing center, a place for people and animals to come for healing, but to also learn and grow. Hence, the Rosemary Altea Educational and Healing Foundation!

This particular site, whilst stunning, is a work in progress, needing the proper facilities to realize Rosemary’s dream for a healing place, as well as its benefactor, Llewella Day’s life long dream, believing her several hundred acre property to be a “healing” place. But though it’s an uphill struggle, Rosemary and her tremendous teams are working tirelessly to this aim.

Which brings us to the charities--the foundations.

They are two sister charities, an Atlantic Ocean apart, but joined in goal and leadership. Rosemary has a team of incredible men and women who give of their time freely to build the UK and US centers in the hopes that they can heal as many creatures great AND small as possible.

Not only do Rosemary and her team give of their time and energy freely for weekly healing, they also spend immense time and energy in order to keep the organizations going and more importantly, growing. As well as this, many of them visit hospitals to give healing, as well as carry out home visits to those who really need it, all believing that the energy and hard work to be worth it.

It takes several years to become a “full” healer member of Rosemary’s organizations and much training.

With healing in mind, Rosemary has produced several healing/meditation CDs that are used by physicians, hospitals and the sick. One of her most inspirational CDs is an interview with a dying patient, Bob, who talks candidly about his situation and how he is dealing with it and what healing has meant to him. All profits from this particular CD go directly to the RAHEF. See Rosemary’s CDs for more info about all of her products.

More information about our fundraising projects will be given at a later time. However, we do have a wonderful project that you can learn about right now… find out about our Daffodil Project.

Finishing with a little TLC

The Trinity Learning Center is a new development in our healing community and a three part correspondence course designed for people who would like to know more about their own spiritual awareness and eventually, hopefully, become healers.
The correspondence course will be available to all of those who are intrigued about healing and self awareness from all over the world. It’s a three year course and will be accessed online. Rosemary and her team are hard at work developing the programs and getting the TLC site ready to go live. We’ll keep you posted! Watch this space…

For more information about healing and Rosemary’s foundations browse the rest of our healing section. 


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