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Loss of a Child
This question is an extraordinarily sensitive one, and one Rosemary would like to address here for all who inquire:

The loss of a child is the worst, the hardest loss to bear. When people have lost a child, they would like to know what children do in the Spirit World and how they are. The Spirit World is a haven, a safe place, where children play and learn, where they grow, and where their soul grows strong. They are not alone, but are often with other family members who tell them about us, about how it was when we were young, and how we love them still. Our children visit us every day, and their angels watch over them and keep them happy. Parents who are suffering this loss, of course, would like to know every moment of their child's day, but like each one of us, these children do many different things. There are schools, colleges, people of great learning, professors, and teachers in all walks of life and experience for our children in the Spirit World. Our children have endless opportunities, and unlike the earth plane, those opportunities are open to all of us. There is no discrimination, so we can rest assured that whatever our children would like to do, and however they would like to explore, the opportunity is there for them. Learning, knowledge, and happiness are assured.

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