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OWN YOUR Own Power

Weekly actions are posted regularly so that you can take action any week you choose. Take or leave our suggestions and participate when you can. But remember, there's always something you can do to learn and improve yourself and the world around you. You can learn to own your power, but it might just take work, tenacity and a little perseverance. Take action now!


"Pass it on..."

Passing something on is such an easy thing to do. But do we?

  • What do you have to give, what do you know, know about, care about and believe in? Everyone has something in their life worth passing on. Now is the time to do just that...
  • Have any of you seen the movie "Pay It Forward?" This would be my first suggestion to take part in this week's action. See the movie and see how inspired you are
  • This week, we're doing our own version of "Pay it Forward" except that this week, we're "Passing It On." What do you have to give?-Your time? Your knowledge? Your love? Your ambition? Your spirituality??? The list is endless
  • This week's lesson is two fold, it allows us to explore ourselves and discover what it is about ourselves that we have to offer to others; and then when we discover this we have to pass it on
  • Passing something on can be as simple as believing in something strongly--for example, this web site, this subject matter--and then telling someone about it. Not being afraid to tell someone what you believe in and what you get out of something. Or it can be passing on some piece of advice, wisdom, love...You decide
  • We're not saying you should force yourself and your beliefs on to other people. Always be respectful of others. But, we are suggesting that you take the time to pass on something good and worthwhile. To take action with what you have to give, instead of being sedentary with who and what you are and are about
  • Try it, passing on goodness and light can only improve the world around us. And remember actions and thoughts are living things. They may come right back at you!



We all want to learn and grow.
We all want to know who we are spiritually and we need inspiration to do that.
Taking an action everyday reminds us that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that we live on this planet earth with other spiritual beings--
We need to be inspired everyday and we need to inspire others. The simple act of taking an action no matter how small or insignificant that action is reminds us everyday that we are all souls hoping to grow-


Every week we will be posting a new action. Sometimes these actions will be simple for you to fulfill and other times they may take more effort. Occasionally they may seem trivial, unnecessary, but at times they will stretch your abilities. There's no obligation to carry out any of the actions we are suggesting, but remember, the more you do, the more you allow your mind, body and soul to tune in with yourself, with others and the world around you.
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