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February's Lesson

Every Day Is A Good Day
Many years ago, on a glorious sunny morning, a friend of mine , as she was leaving her house, called out to her elderly neighbor, "beautiful day, isn't it?" The neighbor replied, "Every day is a beautiful day, it just happens that today the sun is shining".
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Many years ago, on a glorious sunny morning, a friend of mine , as she was leaving her house, called out to her elderly neighbor, "beautiful day, isn't it?" The neighbor replied, "Every day is a beautiful day, it just happens that today the sun is shining".

I have been thinking about this man a lot lately, and about his attitude to life. My reason for reflection is that a very dear friend has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and a few days ago went in for surgery to have her breast removed. Some would say that her attitude is remarkable, as she is able to remain up beat and positive about everything. Some would say that her faith is strong, and that she has put her fate into the hands of God, and is prepared to accept whatever He decides. Some, those who know her the best, would say that she is able to put up a good front for her family. For her husband who adores her, and who would fall to pieces if anything were to happen to her, for her daughter who is pregnant, and who really needs her mother right now. For her son, whose spiritual growth and spiritual path is of the utmost importance, and who might be too shaken from his faith if anything were to happen to the one person in his life whose inspiration and support he needs.

So, inspired by their need for her to be strong, my friend is able to say, every day, that today is a good day. The truth is that if she were to break down and cry in front of them, if she were to show her fear, her husband would gather his strength, and would not fall to pieces, her daughter would find the strength to support her mother, and her son's faith would carry him forward, and he would be her crutch.

It is easier I think, for a loving parent to develop a positive attitude, to be strong, not for their sake, but for the sake of their children, to show a good example, to keep their children from pain or worry, to shield them from a painful truth so that they don't suffer unnecessarily. This would be the perception of any caring parent.

The lesson for the month is this:
I want you to ask yourself what is it that makes a good day for you.

1) Make a list of ten things, important to your having a good day.
2) Make a list of people in your life you would consider putting first, before your own needs and your own feelings.
3) Give at least three reasons why you would do this, at this time.
4) Take a look at the people you think would put you and your well being before their own, and make a list of those people.
5) Now ask yourself why? Why would you do this for them? Why would they do this for you?
6) Having done this, now make your list of the ten things important to your having a good day. Is this list the same as the first? Does it differ in any way? In doing this exercise, did your priorities shift a little. Did this exercise make you think?
7) The answer to question six should be, yes. Now see if you can write down what you have learned about yourself, and about those around you who really can make your day a good day.

When I think of the love that I have from so many people, and I realize how fortunate I am, then my day becomes a good day. Doing this exercise will help me to remember that.

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Good luck and be ready for next month's lesson...

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