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Soul Signs
Soul SignsSoul Signs
Rosemary gives the world an *entirely new* "soul system" for understanding our relationships, our successes and failures, and ultimately our most fundamental selves.

In Soul Signs, Rosemary introduces a system of soul typing that encompasses all living beings and explores the true nature of the SOUL. She writes, as usual, in a radiant style familiar to the legion of fans who have already made her a best-selling author.

Soul Signs in Rosemary’s words, “When I first heard the words, I was immediately intrigued and more than curious to find out what they meant. Soul Signs. Was this something like astrology, perhaps Runes, or some other ancient art that others knew about, but which I had not yet heard of?…” Read more about Soul Signs here.

What sign are you?

Which of the thirteen different “Soul Typings” are your family, friends, colleagues, loved ones and, even your enemies…Soul Signs: An Elemental Guide to Your Spiritual Destiny, will help you to find out.

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