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A Journey Towards Healing
A Journey Towards HealingA Journey Towards Healing
A guided meditation...By Rosemary Altea.

-1 in a series of 4 CDs (Recorded in Rosemary's own voice)

In this powerful meditation, in her own soothing voice, Rosemary provides an answer to the many people sick and in pain who have asked, “What can I do for myself?? This meditation is a self-healing exercise that transports listeners to a place of harmony and inner peace where true spiritual healing can take place.

Over the last several years this CD has been used in homes and hospitals throughout the world, and this meditation, this journey, enables us to discover a mental, emotional, and spiritual harmony, which in turn brings about inner peace. It is this peace within, this true power, in which we find the strength to deal with whatever trials we may have to face.

Healing is first and foremost a healing of the spirit self. When we are sick or in pain, or when we are stressed, depressed, etc, our spirit, the light, or Aura which surrounds the soul, becomes dim, and the soul’s energy diminishes.

Healing comes from God, that great power source which is pure light. When we tap into that source we give light and energy to the soul’s Aura, and the spirit grows brighter, and a healing of the soul begins to take place. This is what true healing is about, this is what we hope to gain when listening to this meditation, “A Journey Towards Healing?.

Please note: “A Journey Towards Healing? is a re-mastered version of the “Give the Gift of Healing? tape, but, without the booklet. “Give The Gift of Healing,? is currently out of print.

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