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A Garden Of Souls
A Garden Of Souls - A spiritual journeyA Garden Of Souls - A spiritual journey
By renowned medium and healer Rosemary Altea

-1 in a series of 4 CDs (Recorded in Rosemary's own voice)

This CD is the perfect complement to Rosemary’s new book SOUL SIGNS.

Inspired by her book Soul Signs, we get to go with Rosemary on a journey into the spirit world, where she meets the children who teach her about the garden of souls. She is taken by the hand, and is shown the garden, fields and fields of beautiful golden daffodils, swaying this way and that, a sea of souls, bright and golden, our earth soul cluster….just as it is seen by the universe.

You will glimpse the love of these children, the love they have for us all, and as they speak, you will learn that each of us is an individual flower, a certain type, a particular variety of bloom, like one of the twelve varieties of daffodil, a flower so rare and special, as the children show us when they begin to sing their song. A song that we all can learn, a song that tells us of our beauty, a song that tells us of our strength and unity, a song that tells us that we are souls in God’s garden, and that we are treasured and loved, no matter who we are, or who we have become in our lives.

Like a delicate and wondrous flower bulb, our soul will bloom in the golden rays of Gods light and His love, and is protected always.

In Rosemary’s new book, SOUL SIGNS, you can learn more about the garden of souls, and more about Rosemary’s incredible gift.

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