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A Matter of Life and Death
A Conversation With Bob
A Garden Of Souls
A Journey Towards Healing
Meditation / Healing CDs (set of 4)
Not Perfect But Yet Still Beautiful
Soul Signs
The Heartbeat Of The Soul
Proud Spirit
You Own the Power
The Eagle and the Rose

Meditation / Healing CDs (set of 4)
Meditation / Healing CDs (set of 4)Meditation / Healing CDs (set of 4) On Sale!
Set of 4 : $50
You Save $10 if you buy the complete set.

Each CD can also be purchased individually.
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These four meditation CDs complement each other, as they are incredible tools, which help to ease stress, help you become more centered and give healing to the spirit. Each in it’s own way connects on it’s own vibrational level to help you in a guided meditation.

A Journey Towards Healing: Used with great effect in hospitals and homes around the world. It helps bring healing of the spirit and gives ease and comfort to those who are sick or stressed.

The Heartbeat of the Soul: Helps connect us to our inner voice and shows us how we can listen to the voice of our soul as it calls out to us. The Heartbeat of the Soul helps us find the right vibrational level and brings us in to contact with our own soul

Not Perfect, Yet Still Beautiful: Helps us understand the love of God for all of us on this earth. It teaches us that not matter how imperfect, whether spiritually, emotionally, or physically, we are still loved and valued, which gives us the confidence to be who we really are.

A Garden of Souls: Rosemary takes us on the same journey that she herself took when talking to the children of the spirit world. She describes how the children sang and danced in among the fields of daffodils, God’s Garden of Souls.

Our Price: $50.00

Quantity: Meditation / Healing CDs (set of 4)

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