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Goals of TLC

The Trinity Learning Course, or TLC, is a three year correspondence course, and all lessons have been adapted from the classes, lessons and exercises Rosemary has been using for over two decades with her healing organizations, the RAAH and RAHEF. You must also become a member of the RAHEF when applying for and becoming a student of the TLC. However, any fees normally required to join the RAHEF are waived and therefore complimentary for the time that you are a Trinity learning Course student. Learn more about the associations at

When applying for student healer status with the TLC it is important to know what the goal of the course is about. The ultimate goal, of course, for many, is to become a fully qualified healer within the RAHEF, to eventually work as a healer with the RAHEF, and to be on their international register, accessible to anyone around the world as a fully qualified member of the RAHEF. Before embarking on this course, each potential student must have some idea of what it is they hope to achieve. The ultimate goal is what we hope students will achieve as they work their way through the Trinity Learning Course, and it is important to keep that goal in focus at all times.

Our goal at TLC is simple, if we keep in mind these three smaller goals.

  1. We want to achieve a real sense of knowing, of self awareness, and then to find an understanding of ourselves and those around us.
  2. We want to learn how to become more sensitive and more in tune with our own soul, and then to become more in tune with the universe and with our sixth sense.
  3. We want to learn the art of healing, and to achieve full healer status within the RAHEF healing organization.

These are our goals, and to reach them we need these three things:

Dedication… Discipline... Commitment.

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