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Welcome to the Trinity Learning Course. TLC is a learning program to develop your understanding and skills towards becoming a spiritual healer—and ultimately become a registered “Healer member” of the RAHEF, the Rosemary Altea Healing and Educational Foundation.

TLC is a three year correspondence program in which you will be assigned a mentor and tutor who will tailor your program to your individual needs. You’ll be a part of an online classroom experience with discussion boards, as well as opportunities to attend special events.

The program will open your awareness and develop all of your senses. You’ll work on awareness, sensitivity and spiritual healing throughout the three years you’ll be with us.

When applying for the TLC correspondence course, you should also be applying for membership to the RAHEF (RAHEF fees are waived as a complimentary part of the Trinity Learning Course for the duration of your coursework).

We’re looking forward to a great journey of development with you.

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