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Program Structure

Although the TLC is a three-year program, each year's coursework must be completed and passed before any student can begin the next year's coursework. Lessons will be given each month, over a twelve-month period. Each year’s coursework will be assessed both monthly and then for the year, before being considered for the next twelve-month period.

It is not compulsory that students complete ALL three years--but it should be the initial goal for all involved that they do. Students will not achieve RAHEF healer status unless they complete the FULL THREE YEAR program. .

Each new student will be assigned a tutor, who has been trained by Rosemary and has full healer status within the RAHEF & RAAH. On the first of the month each student will be sent, via email, by their tutor, the lesson for that month.

Many of the lessons are divided into four parts, which enables the student to work through each section, week by week and tutors are on hand to help and guide students through the exercises with any difficulties that may arise.

You will be assigned a virtual classroom. A discussion board will be available on the internet for each classroom so that students can communicate with each other (students must attend online discussion board classroom at least twice a week). This is a perfect way for students to get to know each other and to help each other with the course, and is fundamental to team-building and developing the lessons.

Most lessons will include an assignment, some form of homework. For example, each student may be required to write a short reflective essay on each month’s exercises. That essay would be generally no more than two to three pages long. All homework must be given in to the course tutor no later than the last day of each month.

Additionally, we will hold several workshops each year, both in the USA and in the UK. (Students will be given a reduced rate to all events). Attached to these workshops, there will be a day set aside for all students of the TLC.

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